Meet Your 2008 Democratic Electors

Virginia sends 13 electors to the Electoral College to vote for President and Vice President. Electors represent each of Virginia's 11 congressional districts, plus two electors are state-wide. Each party/candidate selects a slate of electors.

In 2008, the Democratic Party of Virginia elected their electors representing each congressional district in congressional district conventions which were open to the public. The two state-wide electors (representing Virginia's Senate seats) were elected at the state convention in Hampton, which was also open to the public.

Our historic vote was meaningful to us all. We all campaigned hard and celebrated when Virginia's vote was counted on election night. Soon, near-threatening letters from disgruntled Republicans flooded our mailboxes, but your Democratic Electors traveled to Richmond on December 15 to cast our votes for Barack Obama, Virginia, and hope.

We have posted three photo and video galleries links to news releases and other media, and our 2008 calendar of events on this site.

Your Democratic Electors are featured below—comprised of a diverse group of your neighbors from all walks of life.

State-wide Elector, Michael Jon Khandelwal   Michael Jon Khandelwal (Electoral College President)
Represents: State-wide
Hometown: Norfolk
Occupation: Director and Teacher at The Muse Writers Center, Writer for Hampton Roads Magazine, Web Specialist for The American Council on Education and Substantiv
State-wide Elector, Sophie Ann Salley   Sophie Ann Salley
Represents: State-wide
Hometown: Richmond
Occupation: Former research analyst at the Library of Congress and archivist at the Library of Virginia
CD 1 Elector, Chris Rey   Chris V. Rey
Represents: Congressional District 1
Hometown: Williamsburg
Occupation: Law student at the College of William & Mary
CD 2 Elector, Sandra Brandt   Sandra Brandt
Represents: Congressional District 2
Hometown: Virginia Beach
Occupation: Secretary/Treasurer of Step-Up Incorporated
CD 3 Elector, Betty Squire   Betty Squire
Represents: Congressional District 3
Hometown: Richmond
Occupation: Retired manager for Verizon
CD 4 Elector, Susan Rowland   Susan Rowland
Represents: Congressional District 4
Hometown: Chesapeake
Occupation: Chief of Staff for Del. Lionell Spruill, Sr.
CD 5 Elector, Marc Finney   Marc Finney (Electoral College Secretary)
Represents: Congressional District 5
Hometown: Lawrenceville
Occupation: Library Director at St. Paul's College, serves on the board of supervisors for Brunswick County
CD 6 Elector, Dorothy Blackwell   Dorothy Blackwell
Represents: Congressional District 6
Hometown: Lexington
Occupation: Professional artist and member of the Nelson Fine Arts Gallery
CD 7 Elector, J. Harold A. Boyd   J. Harold A. Boyd
Represents: Congressional District 7
Hometown: Culpeper
Occupation: U.S. Government at Chancellor High School in Spotsylvania County, campaign manager for Anita Hartke
CD 8 Elector, Marian Van Landing   Marian Van Landingham
Represents: Congressional District 8
Hometown: Alexandria
Occupation: Retired state delegate (45th District, served 1982-2005), professional artist, founder of the Torpedo Factory Arts Center
CD 9 Elector, Robert Childress   Robert Childress
Represents: Congressional District 9
Hometown: Rosedale
Occupation: Social Studies teacher at Council High School and American and World History instructor at Southwest Virginia Community College
CD 10 Elector, Rollie Winter   Rollie Winter
Represents: Congressional District 10
Hometown: Leesburg
Occupation: Retired information technologist
CD 11 Elector, Janet Carver   Janet Carver
Represents: Congressional District 11
Hometown: Fairfax
Occupation: Retired; co-coordinator of Braddock District (Fairfax County) for Obama, vice chair of the 11th District Democratic Committee